Dominos Ordering Guide

The following guide will teach you step-by-step how to order pizzas and apply promo codes.

To start select either pick up or delivery for your Dominos Pizza Order. Remember, some coupons are locked to either pick up or delivery so pick wisely. Also remember that delivery orders incur a delivery fee.

For this example I will be placing a pick up order. Type in the closest suburb, town or post code to search for the closest store to you.

Select the closest store to you, in this case it's the Auckland City Dominos store. Make sure you do select the closest store to you, once your order is placed you can't change the store the order was placed to. Choose carefully!

Select the time and date that you want to pick up the order at. Ensure that this time isn't too much into the future so that you're waiting at the store when when you arrived, but also make sure that you don't under estimate the time it will take to get to the store. Under estimating means that the order is left sitting, depending on the store this can mean your pizza will get cold.

Nows the time to select what delish pizzas you want to your order. In this case I'm going to add one surpreme traditional pizza. Dominos has a large range of pizzas.

Here you have the option to change and customise the pizza. You can add extra poppings such as mozzarella cheese, seasoned chicken or swap out the cheese for vegan cheese.

You also have the following options for crusts: 3 Cheese Stacker, Cheesy Crust, Classic Crust, Deep Pan, Edge, Thin 'n' Crispy, Garlic Bread Crust, Gluten Free Base or Extra Large Crust.

Finally you can select one of the following base sauces: Barbeque Sauce, Cranberry Sauce, Crème Fraîche, Creamy Liquid Cheese, Pizza Sauce or No Sauce

You didn't think you were going to have to pay full price did you? Here you can see me inputting the coupon 42442 which acording to PizzaCoupons, is a 50% off coupon (be sure to check the website as by the time you're reading this the coupon I used has most likely expired).

Here we can see that the 30% Off Traditional and Gourmet Pizzas coupon has successfully been added and we have saved $3.60 by using this coupon.

Not only does Dominos sell pizzas, they also sell, sides, drinks, chicken and desserts.

PizzaCoupons also lists coupons for sides such as garlic bread, chips and wedges. Thankfully I've found a coupon for Garlic Bread making it, in the case of this coupon, $1 cheaper, so, I'll be adding one garlic bread to my order as well.

Now that I've added everything I want to my cart I proceed to the payments step. You can see here I've saved $4.60 just by using PizzaCoupons to help me find the best and reliable coupons available.

Make sure you enter your name, email and phone number so you identify your order when you get into store, can be sent a receipt and can track your pizza using Dominos live pizza tracker.

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